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History of the "Floralies" festival

  •  Floralies affiche 1971  Floralies affiche 1971 / © Floralies
  •  Floralies affiche 1977  Floralies affiche 1977 / © Floralies
  •  Floralies affiche 1984  Floralies affiche 1984 / © Floralies
  •  Floralies affiche 1989  Floralies affiche 1989 / © Floralies
  •  Floralies affiche 1989  Floralies affiche 1989 / © Floralies
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  • Created in 1956 in the Champ-de-Mars, neighbourhood of Nantes, the Floralies festival was transferred to Beaujoire in 1971.

  • The festival was held in the floral park until 1989, an exhibition with stalls and outdoor pavilions. The landscaping designed to mark this occasion is still present in the park today: for example the iris garden created in 1977 and the collection of perennials created in 1984.
  • The Nantes “Floralies” festival is held every 5 years at the Beaujoire exhibition centre. It’s an opportunity to see garden displays created by over 200 exhibitors, professional as well as amateur. Each year the festival has a different theme and welcomes no fewer than 400,000 visitors, making it one of the leading floral events in France.
  • The Bretonnière valley
  • Carved out naturally by the stream which bears the same name, stone was also extracted from this valley to build cottages in nearby Saint-Joseph de Porterie. It’s now the backbone of the floral park and provides visitors with some fantastic views. A manor house, La Richardière, was built in the valley, dominating the stream. Today, only the brick bridge and the sequoias sempervirens or giant redwoods which surrounded the property remain. You can also see some ancient oaks growing along the banks of the stream.