Vegetalization test

Without Pesticide Management

  • Vegetalization test zones unweeded
  • Philippe FERARD
Suggestions of way forward towards a weedkiller free management of pavements
  • This study has allowed us to suggest several management scenarios aiming at accepting the presence of vegetation for different levels of looking after.
  • scénario 1 - To let vegetation evolve naturally, thus accepting to see some formations settle progressively as per the dynamic processes described earlier, until getting ligneous plants (most often close to ruderal Elm woods )
  • scénario 2 - To let vegetation settle up to a given pre-defined evolution stage such as “herbaceous waste, heliophile of reasonable heights”, around 40-80cm height, controlled by a moderate looking after.
  • scénario 3 - To favour « meadow » by doing a late mowing en of June, beginning of July with exportation. Then, perform a second cutting in autumn to maintain grass at a height of circa 10cm.
  • scénario 4 - Maintain a short urban lawn with a regular use of lawnmower.
  • scénario 5 - Vegetalisation of sandy pavements with controlled sowing of small development annual and perennial xerophitic species, that would be maintained at a small height (10cm) by one or two annual mowings (study on-going)
  • Vegetalization test zones unweeded
  • This first study is based on a limited amount of inventories and should be carried on for a longer period of time and extended to more inventories in order to confirm the potential of the possibilities highlighted in this note.