Nantes, seen by an american student

Why Visited Nantes

  •  Beach, on the Loire Beach, on the Loire / © Ville de Nantes
  •  Palmarium, Jardin des plantes Palmarium, Jardin des plantes / © Ville de Nantes
  •  Procé park Procé park / © Ville de Nantes
  •  Castle Proce Park Castle Proce Park / © Ville de Nantes
  •  Urban Marshes, La Petite Amazonie Urban Marshes, La Petite Amazonie / © Ville de Nantes
  •  Sculpture, Jules Verne Sculpture, Jules Verne / © Ville de Nantes
  •  Promenade, Ile de Nantes Promenade, Ile de Nantes / © Ville de Nantes
  •  Grand Blottereau, Korean garden Grand Blottereau, Korean garden / © Ville de Nantes
  •  Aerial View,  Ile De Nantes Aerial View, Ile De Nantes / © Ville de Nantes
  •  Aerial View,  Ile De Nantes Aerial View, Ile De Nantes / © Ville de Nantes
" There are several reasons why Nantes should be on your list of places to visit.

First and foremost is the fact that the city has developed around a unique diversity.
Thanks to its once booming port, Nantes has had the pleasure of hosting an innumerable number of people, cultures, ideas, architecture, etc. This has lead Nantes to become a city rich in all of these domains, something evident to even the most inexperienced European traveler. Trade made Nantes a hub of activity in France. Rich ship-owners made a home out of the city – their homes, magnificent examples of the architecture preferred at the time, remain as impressive as ever.
The important difference is that many are now open to the public in the form of parks and gardens. These “green spaces” are maintained by an army of gardeners who have made Nantes a city renowned for the beauty of these sites. Fifteen percent of the city is made up of parks and squares, each one having a different personality and feel. This is atypical for many European cities, which are known to be rich in architecture, but drab due to their lack of vegetation. There are over 100,000 trees in Nantes that help give the large city a certain intimacy. One feels at ease here – even though it is one of the ten largest cities in France, there is a feeling of relaxation. The people don’t run, there is always a place for the artisan or small-store owner who, with their kindness of character, make of themselves a glaring contrast to the sterile and impersonal mega-stores of our day, and there is never a lack of places to repose.

Perhaps the best thing one can say about Nantes is that it makes itself unique without losing the best of France: the city is in one of the largest wine producing regions in the country, there are several chateaux to be discovered throughout the city and just beyond, local museums proudly present expositions boasting both local and national heritage, pastry and other specialty shops are found on practically ever corner (and in between you’ll find the latest and greatest name brands from around the world).

In short, whether it be bumping elbows with the up and coming in a lively club or a discussion of the latest soccer game in a local bar, you’ll find what you are looking for in Nantes."